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    Jane Vance

    Answer from ShortStack Support: We offer a code snippet that will override the URL that is shared. To add this snippet:

    1. Add a Code Widget to your Campaign
    2. Within the Code Widget, choose Library on the left side
    3. Choose "Override Share Widget URL" from the Public Library
    4. Click the blue Add To Code button
    5. Make the necessary updates within the code
    6. Click Save & Exit
    7. Click Publish Changes to push these updates to your live Campaign

    IMPORTANT: In the Share URL Override Code Snippet, there is a line that reads:

    CAUTION: Doing this will prevent individual promotion entries from being shared. This also overrides the URL in every Share Widget in the campaign.

    This means that the entry content will be overridden by the Override Share URL content and individual entries will not be shared. Please keep this in mind when using this code on your own Campaign.

    IMPORTANT NOTE ON REFER-A-FRIEND FEATURE: Refer-a-Friend is not supported for embedded Campaigns as the Share URL needs to be overridden in order to direct users to the embedded Campaign.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to update the image and text associated with the Share prompt when you override the Share URL. When you share a URL to Facebook or Google, those services don't let you specify any additional information (e.g., title, description) other than the URL. Instead, they "scrape" the URL that is being shared (that is, their servers fetch the HTML for the given URL), looking for Open Graph meta tags in the source of the page. The content in those meta tags is what is then shared.

    When someone shares a Campaign URL (like in a normal Share dialog where the URL is not being overridden), we detect when Facebook or Google are scraping the Campaign URL and make sure meta tags are included that have info from the Share Widget.

    If someone overrides the Share URL (e.g. to the URL of an embedded campaign), then we have no control over the meta tags because it is their server that is sending the HTML, not ours. This means you will need to update the particular page on your website with the proper meta tags.

    Here's an article that explains what meta tags should be added to your site: http://ogp.me/

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