Users having troubles submitting photos via Android devices


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    Jane Vance

    Answer from ShortStack Support: Is this issue occurring when someone clicks the link from within the Facebook browser on their Android devices? If so, then unfortunately, the problem you are experiencing with the Choose Photo button inside the Facebook App on Android is a known issue with the Android WebView component, starting with version 4.4 of Android and continuing to this day (even on 5.0). The WebView component is how apps like Facebook can show web pages inside their app. Here is a thread on the issue reported in the Android Issue Tracker. It's a bit technical, but it will give you an idea of what's going on:

    There are two workarounds we can suggest. Although the workarounds are not ideal, this problem is unfortunately beyond our control:

    1. Add support for the via Instagram photo option. You can configure this in the options for the Photo field inside our Form Designer.

    2. Add instructions above or below the Photo field (using a Rich Text component in the Form Designer) urging Android users to try opening the page in their browser if Choose Photo isn't working inside the Facebook App. Our developers added a Code Snippet that is now available for hiding any "Choose Photo" instructions for users who are not on Android inside the Facebook App. To use this script:
      1. Add a Code Widget to your campaign
      2. Click Library on the left side
      3. Choose Facebook Android File Upload Bug
      4. Click the Add to Code button
      5. Follow the instructions within the Code Widget to set up the Code Snippet for your Campaign
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