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    Jane Vance

    Answer from ShortStack Support: We offer a Gated-Personality Quiz template that allows you to require users to submit their information in order to reveal their personality quiz results. You can check out the template here:

    Otherwise, are you using the Personality Quiz template? If so, you can add a Form Widget to the "Outcomes" Container, which is Outcomes #container5 in the template. This will show the same Form Widget regardless of the outcome the user receives.

    Do you want to show a different entry form for each outcome If so, you can set up a Form Widget within each of the individual outcome Container Widgets. You would add one Form Widget within the Outcome 1 #container6 Container Widget, a second Form Widget within the Outcome 2 #container7 Container Widget, and a third within the Outcome 3 #container8 Container Widget. Here is a screenshot of the Outcome Container Widget for Outcome 1:

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