Upload PDF via ShortStack Form?



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    Jane Vance

    Answer from ShortStack Support: At this time, users can upload image files (jpeg and png) to a form, but uploading other types of files isn't possible.

    You may want to consider using a service like Wufoo.com that allows for .docx, pdf and other types of files to be uploaded. You could embed the code they provide into your ShortStack Campaign. To do this, copy the embed code, add a Code Widget to your ShortStack Campaign, then paste the embed code into the Code Widget. Here's a link to Wufoo if you're interested in trying this approach: www.wufoo.com. I suggest testing a free Wufoo form first to make sure the form displays properly on Facebook (if that is where you want to install the Campaign).

    IMPORTANT: If you were to use Wufoo, then the entries would be collected into the database provided by Wufoo and they wouldn't be collected into a database on ShortStack. You would not be able access the entries to a Wufoo form in ShortStack or connect these entries to your Voting Widget. Also, other ShortStack features requiring ShortStack databases to function, such as the random entry selector, email autoresponders, and the refer a friend feature, will not include entries submitted to a Wufoo form.

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    Any plans to allow .pdf uploads?  This would be a nice feature.  

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    Jane Vance

    This isn't a feature we currently provide, but I have passed it along as a feature request.

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