Removing Previous Entries for a Weekly Photo Contest



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    Jane Vance

    Answer from ShortStack Support: There isn't a way to mass delete entries in a list by a specific date. You can delete more than one entry at a time, but you will need to select each entry you want to delete. Instead of deleting entries, I suggest that you duplicate lists. This allows you to reuse the same list set-up, but start from a clean slate with entries. Your old list will still contain the entries it previously contained. Here's how you would duplicate a list:

    1. Click on the Lists/Entries link at the top of your ShortStack Account -
    2. Find the form/database you’d like to duplicate, and click the Copy List (data is not copied) icon; it looks like two sheets of paper
    3. A pop-up will appear, reading, “You are about to make a copy of this list. You will be the owner of the new list. Entries are not copied. Do you want to continue?” Click Ok at the bottom of the pop-up
    4. After you click Ok on the pop-up, you will be directed to the Form Designer where you can make updates to the form
    5. When you’re finished updating your copied form, click Save Changes at the top
    6. Be sure to connect this new list to the Form Widget on your campaign

    NOTE: You will no longer have access to entries that you delete from your list. This is why duplicating list is a good alternative.

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    Jane Vance

    Hi Jane,

    Once a campaign has been published (say a weekly Instagram video contest), do you then simply duplicate and update the form/database each week? Will that automagically update to wherever the contest is published? (i.e Facebook and web). Or, do you have to publish a new campaign every week?

    A step-by-step guide on how to set-up an ongoing weekly contest (rather than a one off contest) would be very helpful. I've seen this post ( ), but I'm still lost. There's too much ambiguity surrounding the definitions of what is a "form", a "database", a "campaign" and a "promotion".



    Original post by Doug

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    Jane Vance

    Answer from ShortStack Support: You will need to duplicate the database each week, then connect this database to your Form Widget (if you are collecting entries) and your Voting Widget (if one is being used on your campaign). This can all be done within the same Campaign. After you make your updates, you will need to click the orange Publish Changes button that appears to push the updates to the live Campaign.

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