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    Jane Vance

    Answer from ShortStack Support: This can be done via the Style Panel. Here's how: 

    1. Click the icon at the top to open the Style Panel
    2. Click the Share Widget in the Edit Widgets Panel to open the Share Widget settings in the Style Panel
    3. Within the Style Panel under ALL SHARE, click Links
    4. In the ICONS & TEXT section, update the color in the box below Default Color
    5. Click Save at the bottom of the Style Panel

    Steps 1-4 are illustrated in the image below.


    For older Campaigns not using Style Panel: 

    If you are not using the Style Panel for your Campaign (older Campaigns), then you can update the color of the Share Widget icons using CSS. Here's the CSS you need:

    /*Share Icon Color*/

    /*Share Icon Hover Color*/

    The CSS Editor is accessed by clicking the Style Panel icon at the top of the Campaign Builder. Click the CSS icon in the upper right corner of the Style Panel, then drop in the CSS. After you drop in the CSS, enter the HEX values for the colors you want to use after color: in the CSS.

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